Encryption for data at rest, made easy with ScramFS.

Introducing the world’s most advanced cryptographic file system. Encrypt files locally and in the cloud with zero effort.

  • Prevent data breaches and protect sensitive data
  • Bolster cyber defenses and meet legal compliance
  • Fully transparent client-side data encryption
  • Peer reviewed by leading cryptographers
  • Protects files at rest and in use

Preserve privacy, bolster cyber security defences and meet regulatory requirements

Data breaches are becoming more common, so data security is now paramount for both individuals and businesses. ScramFS protects against both privacy breach and sabotage, whether by accident or malicious intent.

  • Individuals can protect their privacy and take proactive steps to protect against identity theft.
  • Businesses can more easily meet increasingly strict regulatory compliance laws such as GDPR and HIPAA.
  • Users and system administrators can easily encrypt data. Developers can rapidly develop crypto-secured applications.

Preventative cyber defence
Prevent data breaches
Detect sabotage

Help meet legal compliance obligations
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Preserve privacy
Defeat prying eyes
Retain control of data

How ScramFS works

ScramFS is a stackable cryptographic file system (also known as encrypted file system or encrypting file system) that sits on top of an underlying storage file system.

It transparently encrypts all data passing through it, between the application and storage. This guarantees the confidentiality (privacy) and integrity (detecting unauthorised changes) of the data.

Applications interact with ScramFS just like a normal file system, reading and writing plaintext. However, ScramFS transparently encrypts all data and stores it on the underlying storage file system in ciphertext.

This means ScramFS protects data in files at-rest and in-use.

Encrypts path names and file contents

ScramFS encrypts path names (names of directories and files) and file contents. It also provides integrity checking for path names and file contents.

ScramFS has been carefully designed to be post-quantum secure, providing the highest level of encryption for long term security.

  • Client-side encryption
  • User-held keys
  • AES-256 block cipher
  • Post-quantum secure
  • Real-time decryption
  • Random access and streaming
  • Integrity checking for unauthorised changes

Comes with a comprehensive security analysis and peer-review

The long-standing problem with crypto products is that it is nearly impossible for users to verify the claims that a vendor makes – the so-called “snake oil” problem.

From its very inception, we wanted ScramFS to be different – designed with a level of rigour, verification and transparency not seen before in closed-source encryption software.

ScramFS was designed at Monash University – Australia’s largest university - and has been peer reviewed at the University of Melbourne and other leading research institutions. Engaging professional cryptographers and security specialists to perform the design and review has been an integral part of developing a trustworthy cryptosystem.

Cloud-friendly, cross-platform, cross-device support

Never before has there been a cryptographic filesystem, CLI and API available for so many platforms. This makes ScramFS perfect for:

  • saving encrypted data locally and to the cloud,
  • accessing encrypted data across different platforms and devices, and
  • developing crypto-enabled applications that target different platforms and devices.

With its support of the Raspberry Pi, ScramFS is also a great choice for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

- Mac
- Desktop
- Surface
Raspberry Pi
- Raspbian

Licensing and pricing

We offer a variety of licensing options depending on your application, whether this is for internal or external use, your redistributable requirements, amount of support required and interfaces used.

Whatever the scenario, you will find ScramFS to offer substantial cost savings over implementing your own equivalent cryptosystems.

When ScramFS is unlicensed, it runs in fully functional trial mode, allowing you to use ScramFS for one month.

Who can benefit from ScramFS?

Businesses & Government

  • Secure your IP and protect against hacking, theft and data breaches
  • Comply with regulations and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, etc.
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Cyber-security consultants

  • Offer the ScramFS encyption solution as part of your overall cyber security suite
  • Reseller programs available
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Software developers

  • Develop encryption-enabled apps without coding a single line of crypto
  • Save time and money while improving security
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