Industry specific regulations

Handle data with care

The flexible, cross-platform client-side encryption of ScramFS makes it especially suitable to solve many industry specific data privacy regulations.

Meet industry specific privacy rquirements

While the healthcare and financial industries are well familiar with encryption and have specific regulations covering those niches, more general privacy legislation covers many other businesses and professionals that also collect and store confidential information. ScramFS is an ideal choice for a variety of situations:

  • Travel agents and recruitment agents – collecting copies of passports
  • Barristers and solicitors – collecting privileged information
  • Law enforcement – collecting timestamped evidence

What makes ScramFS ideal for helping with industry specific regulations?

In highly specialised situations, the cryptographic security requirements are almost always the same, but the workflow and use cases differ substantially.

For example, in a legal environment, helping clients collaborate with lawyers on shared documents is very different to the travel industry where clients need to securely send passport scans to their travel agent.

ScramFS is ideal to take care of the cryptographic “heavy lifting”, allowing technology implementers and software developers to easily create secure solutions in a wide variety of scenarios.

  • Easy implementation: thanks to its different interfaces, including the Command Line Interface for system administrators, Application Programming Interface for developers, and file system mount for non-encryption aware applications.
  • Cost effective: instead of implementing crypto from the ground up, use an existing security library.
  • Lightweight: ScramFS is a single installable software package that requires no additional servers, hardware or software infrastructure.

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