Pricing and purchasing

Flexible licensing options for your organisation

Special introductory pricing: between now and 25th May 2018 (the GDPR enforcement date), non-profits and charities qualify for a 50% discount.

Choose the licensing model that's right for you

We offer two models to suit the needs of different organisations and situations:

  1. Usage based subscription licensing
  2. Server based licensing on perpetual and annual plans

Option 1: Subscription licensing based on usage (volume of sensitive data)

This annual subscription will give your organisation:

  • unlimited installs of the ScramExplorer GUI, and
  • unlimited installs of the ScramFS CLI for securing sensitive data.

Licensing is based on the amount of sensitive primary data that you need to protect. This means once you encrypt this data, the ciphertext (encrypted) files can be replicated an unlimited number of times under this licence (as we recommend as part of a good offsite backup strategy).

Amount of primary data Price - USD Price - GBP
50GB $499 £349
100GB $998 £698
More than 100GB Please contact us for a quotation

Option 2: Server based licensing

Organisations with vast amounts of data will find this option more cost effective. With a server licence, you can encrypt an unlimited amount of data and perform an unlimited number of transactions; however you are limited to one install per server licence.

This option can also be very useful if you use ScramFS for secure point-to-point file synchronisation - simply purchase a server licence per node.

In virtualised environments, a server either mean one guest or one host machine.

We also offer the option of choosing a perpetual licence or an annual subscription.

Licence Price - USD Price - GBP
Perpetual - includes 3 years of maintenance $9,995 £6,995
Annual subscription $3,995 £2,795

How to order or request a quotation

To place an order, please contact us and one of our friendly staff will be in contact shortly.

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